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Plastic Adhesive Labels in Creative Classified Fruits Juice Bottles

  • Product Item:5T-PL027
  • Category:Beverage Labels & Stickers
  • Views:4808
  • Customized CMYK printing
  • fruit juice bottle
  • Small order is accepted
  • Glossy finish lamination
  • Product Manual:Labels, Stickers, epoxy stickers, perfume labels, cosmetics labels, shrink labels, beverage bottle labels, waterproof labels, alcohol proof labels, reflective labels, electronics labels, multi

Plastic Adhesive Labels in Creative Classified Fruits Juice Bottles
Model No.: 5T-PL027

Product Description:

1. Customized CMYK printing;
2. Made in adhesive white plastic material;
3. Glossy finish lamination;
4. Lively fruits are printed in label middle;
5. Widely used for decoration of fruit juice bottle;
6. Small order is accepted

Applications and services:

1. Round Fruit Juice Bottles
2. Curve Fruit Juice Bottles
3. Flat Fruit Juice Bottles
4. High end quality, improve marketing effect
5. Fast quotation within one working day
6. Fast delivery, the fastest is within 2 days

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